Excellent Healthcare Billing Services

United RCM Solutions Company is built in industry experts with over 50 years of cumulative experience we offer customized solutions to our clients. Our comprehensive healthcare industry knowledge and skill enables us to provide innovative and complete solutions to our client’s challenges.United RCM Solutions is a comprehensive and innovative provider of competent Revenue Cycle Management services to a wide range of healthcare providers of USA. We help clients by leveraging our deep insight and knowledge, propelled by strategically designed work flow processes. At United RCM Solutions, we are committed to increase clients’ revenue and decrease overheads.

We customize our services to suit each and every precise requirement of our clients and ensure that we deliver what we promise: Profitability!

With the URCM is and independent service provider with the purpose of leveraging global scale we are proud to be marketing thought leaders in specialty healthcare we understand your unique challenges and opportunity. The information we share in our presentation help you develop strategic business and marketing solution that address specific obstacles. URCM prides itself on a culture rooted in the following fundamental leadership values these values guide our actions & decisions everyday

We want you to stop worrying about your revenue cycle, and focus on what you should: Your Patients. We at United RCM Solutions adopt a simple yet effective approach, which eradicates all the complexities that hinders a provider’s cash flow as well as his practice. 

Why prefer URCM billing services?

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  1. Experience a hassle-free medical billing service by URCM.
  2. Our experts are well-trained staff who have the knowledge and resources to facilitate clean, accurate claims.
  3. A startup company with a transparent functional set up, HIPAA and 100% secure medical billing processes. We endear to give you a sense of control over your finances that you have never experienced before.
  4. One of our special capability is that our medical billing experts are well-versed with the sweeping regulations, thereby they can handle the coding changes brought in by ICD 10 with ease.
  5. Our hybrid approaches to practice management and revenue cycle management typically ensure an increase in collections with accurate coding across all specialties.
  6. HIPPAA compliance ensures secure information and data flow between URCM and our partners enabled through reliable hardware and software which includes secured virtual private networks and virtual sites.
  7. Our staffs are trained to ensure effective business continuity and to handle surges in volume.